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Me and my girls.
This website is dedicated to you: athletes, coaches, and anyone aspiring to get more out of life. My goal is to use this site to help you understand more about sport psychology. 

As a profession, sport psychology has two major goals: 1) Understand and apply methods to help athletes perform better (or exercise, lose weight, increase fitness); 2) Understand and apply methods to help athletes improve their lives through sport participation. In other words, as a sport psychology consultant, I want to help you to do 2 things: 1) Reach your sport goals (or exercise, weight loss, strength, fitness, etc. goals); 2) Help you use your participation in sport to improve your life in other ways. 

I have these two goals with all my clients. I don't believe in compartmentalizing sport from other aspects of life. The time, dedication, and passion it takes to improve as an athlete cannot, and should not, be separated from other aspects of your life. It all fits together. Truly, the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of your life come together to determine your overall wellness as a human being. If one is out of balance, it is likely that performance in other areas will suffer. Therefore, when working with a client, I try to make sure I address all aspects of a client's being. It works. 

In addition to the pages on this site, please check out my blog on Wordpress. Admittedly, the content is low in volume at this point, but I am always in the process of updating it. Please consider it a work in progress at this point. 

Best wishes on your goals and dreams,

Jared Wood, Ph.D.

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